6 Ways to Boost Your Brew Labels With Liquor Label Manufacturers in Noida

Liquor label manufacturers in Noida

It’s no secret that both major and small brewers have faced significant difficulties in recent years. The craft beer business has grown rapidly over the past 10 or so years, but since 2020, producers have been feeling the pinch due to a global pandemic, a tighter economy, and the increasing engulfment of beer alternatives in market share. The good news is that COVID-19 is not as disruptive to people’s daily lives as it was, the hard seltzer industry’s explosive growth has slowed down, and brewers have responded to supply chain challenges and environmental concerns by developing high-tech solutions and domestic sources. All of this was reported by Seven Fifty Daily. It is anticipated that the robust sector will see modest growth again, but in order to succeed, you will need to differentiate yourself. And using your label with Liquor label manufacturers in Noida is still the best method to do so in the craft beer sector.

Prakash Labels has several methods for producing distinctive, superior labels that are unmatched by competitors, and we frequently collaborate with craft brewers. These are the six choices we offer to differentiate your libations.


Regarding the coatings that you may choose for your labels, Prakash Labels provides you with an extensive range of choices. Though matte and gloss lamination and varnish are typical, how about choosing an item to add a unique touch to your beer label? To bring attention to text or design features, selective UV varnish allows you to maintain a matte finish with a hint of lustre. Grit varnish is yet another amazing coating choice. Beyond what even the finest textured papers can do, this finishing coat genuinely produces a three-dimensional textured look.


Hot stamping is becoming more and more common among brewers all around the nation, having long been a norm among wine and spirit firms. This method adds metallic features to your label by heating a die. Metallic elements on your label are given additional depth by hot stamping, which is something that metallic paper or film just can’t quite match. After all, who said beer wasn’t classy?


You may get a slight sheen or a completely dazzling effect with the multitude of metallic look creation options available to you! Using metallic paper or film allows us to generate an almost limitless range of metallic colours for Liquor label manufacturers in Noida, from traditional golds and silvers to indigos, magentas, and pretty much any other colour you can think of. In addition, we have hot stamping and cold foil alternatives, as previously mentioned. Because metallic labels are a cheap method to make your label stand out, brewers of all sizes are crazy about them. A metallic label may help you stand out from the competition whether it is on a can or a glass container.


Multi-layer packaging with Liquor label manufacturers in Noida, such as booklets and peel-back labels, is typically associated with industrial and over-the-counter prescription medicines. However, in order to connect with your customers more deeply, we at Prakash Labels are extending an invitation for you to use multi-layer labels in your beer label design. Numerous craft brewers are collaborating with talented designers and have amazing tales to share. Do you have an amazing brand narrative? Consider telling it using a peel-back label to encourage deeper interactions with your customers.


Though linen and estate papers have long been favoured by wineries, many brewers are starting to use them as a means of competing with wine as the preferred beverage. Here at Dion, we have an extensive selection of textured fabrics in addition to a number of linen/estate alternatives.

Using black vellum on your goods is a great method to give it an upscale appearance. You seem luxuriant and unique thanks to its thick material. We also have wood grain material if none of them sounds distinctive enough for your company! In reality, this material is composed of wood and is available in birch and cherry finishes. 

Individuals tend to be tactile beings, therefore if your label offers them something to touch and grasp, they might want to keep it! 


Once more, we aim to contribute to the craft beer industry’s innovative spirit by matching those unique beverages with unique labels. Being the experts in die cutting, we at Prakash Labels are very certain that we can do any task you can dream of. Imagine how distinctively shaped your beer will stand out from the others when all the beer labels on the shelf are the same size and form. And when we say bespoke, we really mean it: among other things, we can design unique label forms and cutout components to showcase your main packaging.  

In the craft beer sector, there is intense rivalry for exceptional label design as a product’s label design significantly influences whether it is bought or sits on the shelf. You need a partner with decades of brewing knowledge, the greatest customer service available, and the ability to provide you with a label of the highest caliber with distinctive features. To view our incredible work for yourself, visit our website at Prakash Labels

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