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Label printing industry predictions for 2020

With every new year comes new opportunities to elevate the brand. One needs to think beyond cool ideas, memorable slogans, content plan and other strategies. Connecting with users and providing customer satisfaction has brought significant growth to the labelling industry. The print labels processes over the years have become...

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Why Should You Hire a Printing Company for Designing Your Label?

You go to a departmental store to purchase honey. The shopkeeper gives you three options. One has a very attractive label, the other one is average and the third one has no label at all. The prices of all three are similar. Which one would you purchase? The first...

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Why is labelling your sales pitch from the shelf?

The most identifiable features of any product or brand placed on a shelf are its labelling, logo or even its design. This primary visual contact between the customer and the brand forms the first opportunity of any product to sell itself from the store shelf. Enticing customers to choose...

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