Label printing industry predictions for 2020

With every new year comes new opportunities to elevate the brand. One needs to think beyond cool ideas, memorable slogans, content plan and other strategies. Connecting with users and providing customer satisfaction has brought significant growth to the labelling industry. The print labels processes over the years have become more sophisticated and have resulted in increased adoption of print labels globally. Business owners are now opting for short runs and medium runs as they opt for test marketing of their products. Their versatility and flexibility combines with the high graphics standards, are the key growth features. The global market for label printing has been growing steadily from 2014 to 2019, at a rate of 4.8% in value and 5.2% in volume. 

2020 is likely to be another milestone in the trend of label production. It is predominantly moving towards ever-changing workflow automation, faster job changeovers, enhanced efficiency, reduced downtime, less ink, substrate wastage, exciting new embellishment and added value solutions.

2019 has been driven in part by changing market dynamics and ever-evolving demands from various kinds of customers. With a growing number of SKUs, there has been a dramatic reduction in average job lengths, life-cycles for mass-production of products and a significant increase of the regulatory content that is required to be pasted on the products. In fact, small and medium players in the label printing industry as well have been willing to embrace the change and pioneer new printing and converting methods. The result in last year has been an increasing number of label types and variety of labels in the industry.
What has 2020 in its store? Is the trend all set to continue? Below are the key trends in the labelling industry and the potential impact that these may have in 2020:

1. Concentration on beautification 

2020 will witness successful brands finding creative ways to express their over-arching brand attributes- delivering clear, unified brand labels telling stories through images that have the power to change customer behaviour and in certain cases, start a revolution on the store shelves.

Beyond labels, analysts expect strong growth for folding carton and flexibles applications. There will be an entirely new way of processing jobs, from the file to the end product, and step-by-step, it will enable companies to reach new frontiers in quality, productivity and overall workflow. 

2. The rise of customization

The demand is evolving rapidly towards the customization and promotion, which means smaller runs, greater cost constraints and eventually the transformation of the entire digital workflow. Flexibility is the need of the hour and an optimum economical value will give digital printing a huge foothold in all the sectors.

Brands, whether small and large, are promoting “targeted campaigns”. The labels alone can enhance the apparent quality of the various products. Different print effects – such as hot foil stamping, cold foil stamping and gravure printing – are used to embellish the labels to give them a more ‘premium’ look. We are likely to witness a better fit in the industry between conventional flexo, Extended Color Gamut (ECG) and digital printing technologies, all used optimally to meet the increasing demand for labels.

3. Automation and efficiency

While pressrooms of the yesteryears relied on the craftsman-like skills of the press operators, the scenarios have changed today. The label printing environments today, are leaning on an increased level of equipment automation. With servo-driven print stations, cameras that monitor registration, and machine-aided changeovers, label printers are increasingly able to run efficiently with less operator intervention. This brings in some of the advantages of digital printing to a conventional process while allowing for more variety and embellishments that digital printing doesn’t allow

The Bottom Line

The advancements in the labelling industry have provided more options to the industry experts and label converters to offer their customers. Prakash labels provides best-in-class labels that helps you brand and sell your product from the shelf. With over 25 years of experience in this area, Prakash labels will help you to design exactly what your brand needs to compete in the market.

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